Dr. Gabriel Dunham, Physical Therapist




We have some exciting news for our players and parents! We are welcoming Dr. Gabriel Dunham, Physical Therapist to Forza!

Gabriel is the Owner of @yourptdoc and is a former Forza player. Gabriel graduated with his Doctorate from Texas State University and played college soccer for UMHB.

Gabriel is currently specializing in orthopedic physical therapy in a Post Doctoral Fellowship. This is the highest level of education in orthopedic physical therapy practice.

Gabriel has a growing passion in the evaluation and treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunction, biomechanics, injury prevention, and maximizing performance.

He brings experience working with professional, collegiate, and youth soccer players.

Gabriel will be providing ONE-ON-ONE hands on care. He will be offering free initial consultations and insurance assessments to serve our soccer community.

Gabriel is a native English speaker but also speaks Portuguese and Spanish. He loves spending time with his family and friends. Gabriel is a Pflugerville local.

Gabriel’s business page is:

Call him to book your free consultation at 512-525-2733

Free Consultation for Forza Teams: 

May 23 Saturday: 2006B 2007B 2008B 2009B 

9am: 2006B Black 

10am: 2007B Black

11am:  2008 Manneh

11am - 1pm: Break

1pm 2008 White

2pm 2009 Black

3pm 2009 red & white 

May 24 Sunday: 2004B, 2004G, 2005B, & 2006G

9am: 2004B Black

10am: 2004G Black

11am: 2005B Black 

12pm: 2006G Black

We are working on scheduling the rest of the teams for the following week.