Dear FSA Family,
I hope all of you are doing well and you had an opportunity to spend some quality time with your beloved family through Christmas and New Year. I would like to take this time to wish everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR2021 will be an epic year for FSA as we are about to embark on the spring season.
FSA official club training will start up again on Tuesday, January 12. For the months of January and February, we will hold 2 training sessions weekly. Once March arrives, then we will go back to 3 training sessions per week. Mario will send out the official training schedule for the entire Club this week.
I would also like to take this time to inform the Forza Family of the restructuring of the coaching responsibility on the FSA Boys side. (The FSA Girls side coaching responsibility will stay the same.)
As some of you have heard, Coach Adrian Aleciero has resigned from his position due to personal issues that he has to attend to. I want to thankCoach Adrian, on behalf of the entire FSA Club and Stafffor his professionalism and care for all the players who were entrusted to him last season. I wish Coach Adrian the best in all of his future endeavors, and made it very clear to him that Forza doors will always be open to him in the near future, once he decides to return to coaching in Austin.
Moving forward, I would like to introduce to you our new Forza Family staff member: Coach Rouzbeh Ghotbi.
Coach Rouzbeh is a former technical director of programs and head coach in New York, and a former professional palyer for Italy's Serie B. In the last 4 months, Coach Rouzbeh and I have become very good friends. He came very highly recommended by my former student who is also a soccer director in New York. Coach Rouzbeh is a great addition to FSA and a perfect fit for our program. His morals, ethics and core values align with Forza's. He has extensive experience both as a coach and player. Please help me give Coach Rouzbeh a warm welcome to to our Forza Family.
Coach Rouzbeh will be taking over the FSA Boys Director role immediately. He will oversee the 2005 and 2006 Boys team this spring.
Below are the new FSA Boys coaching assignments:
David Dinh: FSA Executive Director of Sports, Head Coach of FSA 2007 Boys and FSA 2009 Boys
Rouzbeh Ghotbi: FSA Boys Director, Head Coach of FSA 2005 Boys and FSA 2006 Boys
Darwin Rios: Head Coach of FSA 2008 Boys and FSA 2010 Boys 
Tayron Martin: Head Coach of FSA 2004 Boys and FSA 2003 Boys 
Ray Lopez: FSA Academy Director also in charge of FSA PRE-Academy, and FSA 2010/2011 Girls 
Calixto "Cali" Barrios: FSA Goalkeeper Trainer 
Steve Deweese: FSA PRE-Academy Coach
Gustavo Leal: FSA Girls Director
Head Coach of, FSA 2003 Girls and FSA 2004 Girls 
Abel Huerta: Head Coach of FSA 2002 Girls, and  FSA 2004 Girls 
Fatima Leyva: Head Coach of FSA 2006 Girls, FSA 2008/2009 Girls, 
FSA parents, this is the perfect time to inform and share your positive FSA experiences with parents you know who may not be happy with the development environment for their child/children. If their child(ren) are being neglected by their current soccer environment, please let them know that Forza is a definite viable option for their child(ren) to excel and to learn the game properly.